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Public Board Meeting – September 19, 2016

Long Range Facilities Plan

The Superintendent presented her school closure report and provided rationale for her recommendation for consideration of closing 3 schools, Woodward, Dixon and McKay elementary schools.

She also noted that special public meetings of the Board have been scheduled for 6:30pm on:

  • Monday, September 26 at Woodward elementary
  • Tuesday, September 27 at Dixon elementary
  •  Wednesday, September 28 at McKay elementary

She advised that this would be a time for the school community to share whatever they need to in whatever way makes sense for them and it is also a time for the trustees to hear from that particular school community.

Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services – 2017 Provincial Budget

The Chairperson advised that the Board and its stakeholder groups have been scheduled to make a joint telephone presentation on Monday, October 3, 2016 at 5:05pm

Options for Collaboration Time Increase

To allow additional time for input and meaningful consultation, the Board passed a resolution to extend the report back timeline on exploring viable options for an increase in collaboration time to a later date.

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