Questions from the Public

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Public Board Meeting – September 19, 2016


Members of the public had questions on various aspects of the Superintendent’s report on school closures including:

  • The consultation process
  • Trustees’ advocacy for seismic funding
  • The school capacity utilization rate
  • Why Dixon elementary was included as one of three schools recommended for closure
  • Timing for responding to school closure questions and briefs
  • The 15 minute walkshed for students
  • Costs of seismic upgrading
  • Potentially closing a school with a lower seismic risk factor to a school with a higher risk factor
  • Use of the criteria for closing schools
  • Parents’ options to select a school other than the one suggested in the Superintendent’s report
  • Placing additional schools on the list for consideration of closure
  • Encouraged more advocacy of the Board
  • Differing school capacities as reported by the Ministry of Education and the school district
  • Including all schools that may be impacted by any closures in the consultation process

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