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Pink Shirt Day

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Please note the following correction on our February calendar…

Pink Shirt Day is on: Wednesday, February 28!

All students are encouraged to wear a pink shirt to school on this day.

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Please take note of the following dates …What a fun week we will have together! :)


Tuesday, February 13

-Please return “People That I Love” drawings

-100th Day of School!


Wednesday, February 14

*Please keep at home all Take Home folders, Home Reading folders and Library books on this day.

-Children’s Arts Festival 9:00am-2:30pm

-Valentine’s Day card exchange (We ask that you do not address valentines to students, instead only have your child print his/her name to indicate who they are from. Please leave the “to” area blank.)


Friday, February 16

-Hot Lunch

-Dufflebag Theatre presentation 1:30pm

Lock Down Drill

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Today we practiced our first Lock Down Drill of the year at Maple Lane.

Lock Down Drills are very different than Fire (leave the building quickly) and Earthquake (duck, cover, count) Drills. We talked about staying safe and quiet inside our classroom just in case there was a danger in our hallway. We talked about – and then practiced – the following:

1. Everyone comes to the same place. We all sat ‘squishy’ in a safe place in our classroom.

2. We close and lock doors, cover windows and roll down blinds, and turn off all of the lights. It was really, really dark inside our room!

3. We stay together, and stay quiet! We wondered if Mr. Mason would rattle our door knob and knock to see if we would make any noise.

4. We listen for an announcement on the PA, telling us that it is safe to open our doors again.

We had a great practice! We were sitting quietly, and we all helped each other feel safe. It was difficult, but we did it!

Please bring to school…

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It is time to clean out our classroom before the New Year!  On the last day of school, we sent home all of our boots, shoes, and changes of clothes.  Have we grown since September?! :)

Please wash and clean everything, and send the following back to school on Monday, January 8th, 2018.

Please send:

1. A change of clothes: tops, bottoms, underpants, socks (in a bag with handles)


2. A pair of boots that can be worn on outside days.  Please bring indoor shoes to change into at school.  No rain boots in the classroom, please!


Wishing you sparkle,

Wishing you cheer,

For a very bright holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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Christmas Concert

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As you may have already heard, Divisions 7 and 8 have been working hard to learn and practice some new holiday songs, and will be presenting together at our concert this year. The concert will take place on Thursday, December 21st at 1:30pm in our school gym. We look forward to seeing you on the day of the concert!

On the day of the concert, we are asking that our students wear a red or green top with black bottoms (pants/skirts).  Please note that each child will receive a pair of reindeer antlers and garland to supplement their costume.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

PAC Winter Wonderland

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This Friday, December 8 is our Winter Wonderland event hosted by our fabulous Maple Lane PAC and Me-to-We students.

Students are welcome to come dressed in cozy pajamas and receive a Passport for the following destinations:  Cookie Decorating, Ornament Crafting, Karaoke Caroling, Games, & the Selfie Booth.  After visiting all areas & collecting the stamps, students are invited to enter their passports in a prize raffle (draw at 7:15).  Pizza, popcorn & refreshments will be available for purchase.

Please visit this link for further details:



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December is upon us and the cold, wet weather has returned!

Please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for these cold days. Hats, boots, warm jackets and gloves or mittens are essential for the students to be able to enjoy their time at play outside.  We will go outside most days and we want them to be comfortable while enjoying these brisk winter days!