February thinking together: How can we rehumanize mathematics?

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This year I am going to share a monthly focus as a way for educators in our district (and beyond, of course!) to think together, collaborate and share ideas around K-12 mathematics education. On the list are number sense, estimation, reasoning, spatial awareness…it is a list in progress so suggestions are welcome.

My intentions are to begin each month with a blog post highlighting the focus area in our BC mathematics curriculum and connecting it to the broader field of mathematics education. I plan to share links to websites and resources, share books that I have found helpful and provide examples of mathematical tasks from Richmond classrooms. During each month, I will also tweet out related links, ideas, blog posts and photographs from classrooms.

For February, let’s consider how can we¬†dehumanize mathematics?

equity, access and empowerment

power, authority

seeing themselves as mathematicisns

from NCTM Regional Chicago

Annie Perkins – old white dudes

Hands down, speak out, Kassia


Rochelle G – humanizing mathematics


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