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I am sometimes seconded/released by other districts to present at their professional learning events. I am curating those presentations here to share with others.

Many of my presentations involve multiple photographs and videos which make the file sizes very large and difficult to share. When indicated “text slides” or “REDUCED”  I have taken out many of the photographs and just included the text or diagrams. Just be mindful that an important part of the story is missing without the images and the conversation that goes with them.

February 2017

SD61 (Greater Victoria) CI Day February 10 2017:

SD61 Primary Teachers Inquiry Keynote REDUCED Feb 10 2017

SD61 Story FPPL REDUCED Feb 10 2017


SD41 (Burnaby) District Day February 17  2017:


Circles of Caring (ECE) Conference February 18 2017

Circles of Caring (ECE) Conference February 18 -