Apple Configurator District Rollout

AppleConfiguratorWe’re well into a rollout of Apple Configurator to schools across the district. Apple Configurator is a software application which we’re installing at each school for managing the apps and various settings on your school set of iPads. For the schools still awaiting Apple Configurator, see the F.A.Q. below for more information on what lies ahead.



Q. This sounds great, when will this happen?
A. Tech Services will be rolling this software out over the coming months with the goal of having every school setup with Apple Configurator by the start of next school year. We will begin rolling out to small sets of schools every 2-3 weeks. Tech Services will contact you to schedule a time for this transition to occur. You do not need to submit a work order to initiate this process. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Q. Where will this software be installed?
A. Apple Configurator will be installed on the librarian’s iMac in all Elementary schools and will be accessible by logging into a Configurator account on that Mac. All iPad syncing will be done from this Mac. High schools can use any school Mac, providing it’s not assigned to a dedicated user (e.g. Principal MacBook, personal MacBook, etc..)

Q. Can our school manage installing both paid and free apps?
A. Schools will be able to download free apps and deploy them to iPads without any trouble. In order to purchase paid apps, you will need to submit a work order where a rep from Tech Services will then purchase app codes for your school that can be redeemed in Apple Configurator.

Q. Our school doesn’t have anyone who is able to manage our iPads.
A. No problem. We will still install Apple Configurator at your school, but we will be more than happy to manage your iPads for you.

Q. Will Tech Services provide training on how to use Apple Configurator?
A. Yes. We will coordinate with you and will provide a 1 on 1 training session with your iPad ‘guru’ to get them up to speed on how to use Configurator.

Q. Do I still need to manage individual Apple ID’s for each device?
A. No. For all school iPads in shared carts, apps will be installed using Configurator. For iPads assigned to individuals, those individuals may use their own Apple ID as long as they’re the primary user of the device. Personal Apple ID’s must not be used on iPads in school carts.

Q. Our school is currently borrowing a 30 iPad cart from the district. Can I manage these iPads with Configurator?
A. No. For these district iPad sets which are on a short term loan to the school Tech Services will continue to manage these devices. Only iPads that are owned by the school and shared for student use will be managed with your school’s Apple Configurator.

Q. Any catches?
A. Of course. Due to the constantly evolving and changing landscape for managing iPads, at anytime Tech Services may pull this software from schools and migrate to better more efficient solutions.. should such solutions present themselves. We will notify schools in advance if anything is going to change.


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