Non-responsive Apple TV

If your Apple TV is not responding to button presses on its remote, but you can see that the little white light on the Apple TV flashes when you press a button, it may need to be “power cycled”, or turned off and then on again.

From time to time, Apple releases updates for your Apple TV’s operating system. Most of the Apple TVs in the District are set to automatically apply these updates when they become available. However, in some instances, the update doesn’t take and your Apple TV is left in the state described above.

All you need to do is disconnect the Apple TV’s power cable, either from the wall, or the back of the Apple TV (whichever is easier for you), and then plug it back in again. The Apple TV should finish booting up properly, at which point it will start working normally.

If not, do file a work order and we’ll stop by to check it out for you.

Mike Beckett