Checkerboard pattern when playing DVDs over AirPlay

If you have an Apple TV attached to a TV or projector in your classroom, you may have had trouble with some DVDs when using Apple DVD Player. You’ll see nothing on the TV or projector, and on the Mac you’ll see a checkerboard pattern where the video window should be.

This is a “feature” of Apple DVD Player, designed as a copy-protection measure. To make Hollywood movie studios happy and limit piracy, Apple prevents the transmission of copyrighted DVDs to AirPlay devices.

The easy workaround is to use VLC player instead; it should already be in your Applications folder. Simply drag your DVD on top of the VLC app, and it should start playing the DVD for you. Some versions seem to have trouble with audio. If you can’t hear audio on the TV or projector, just restart your Mac and try again; audio should now work correctly.

If you’re having any other problems with your Apple TV connecting with your Mac, please do file a work order and we’ll look after you as soon as we can.

Mike Beckett