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Picture Books to Inspire Creativity and Innovation

Posted on: January 9th, 2015 by lschwartz No Comments

Today we had an inspiring session about literacy with primary teachers who are members of our district mentoring program.  We talked a lot about using picture books for a variety of things such as teaching social responsibility, self regulation and inspiring students to read.  We also talked about the value of sharing book lists of great books that are go to for different topics and subjects.  With our B.C. curriculum transforming and adopting a focus on core competencies, I thought it would be beneficial to compile a list of books that talk about creativity, perseverance and thinking outside the box.

Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds


Rafeal has been waiting all year for the Going Places contest to build a go-cart and win.  He gets the first kit and runs home to build his go cart. He follows the precise instructions and is proud of his efforts.   Maya, his neighbour, uses her kit as a seat and sketches her dream g-cart.  Together they create a go-cart like no other.  A story that celebrates creativity, perseverance and thinking outside the box.

Anything is Possible– Giulia Belloni


The story of a determined sheep and his best friend, wolf.  Sheep is determined to build a flying machine, while Wolf is very skeptical.  Together they work on the flying machine, always looking for a new solution.  A story about perseverance, creativity and team work.

The Most Magnificent Thing– Ashley Spires


The story of a girl and her very best friend, her dog.  This regular girl wants to create the most magnificent thing.  The story of taking an idea, creating a plan, gathering supplies and failing repeatedly. She gets angry, she wants to quit.  Her dog convinces her to go for a walk and she comes back with renewed spirit and a new take on her project.  A beautiful story about creativity, projects and perseverance.

Other titles that promote creativity:

What to do With an Idea– Kobi Yamanda


Rosie Revere Engineer– Andrea Beaty