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Sunday Evening Conversations and Sharing Our Passions

Posted on: September 17th, 2016 by lschwartz No Comments

I have a regular routine.  Sunday afternoons I begin my chores to start the week. One chore is the preparing the recycling and food compost for collection. It is not always my favourite job, but in the last few months it has become a welcome routine.  There is a gentleman who lives in our neighbourhood who collects bottles. I know that if I put out bottles that can be collected for a deposit around 5:45 on Sundays, I can talk to him.  He loves to talk about birds and sunsets and the phase of the current moon.  I have learned quite bit about birds from him the last few months.

Last Thursday I went for a walk after school.  Walking along the dyke in Richmond on a beautiful evening and I spotted my Sunday friend.  He was carrying a camera with a massive lens.  A speciality lens used for shooting things at a distance like birds and high level sporting events. He was taking photos and sharing them with a fellow walker.

As I witnessed this exchange between the two men, my brain started making all kinds of connections between things that inspire us and the work we do with our students and the new BCED curriculum.

Igniting passion in our students and giving space for students to explore their passions is what the new BCED curriculum is all about. When we share our passions with others, we connect and create community.

I am passionate about books, picture books specifically, but I also love YA books.  This summer I spent a lot of time sharing my passion and my reading with others on social media and in real life.  When I talk about books with other people, share a title or learn about a new “Must Read Book”, I feel joyful. Sharing my passion with others makes me happy.  I never have to be asked or told to read a book, I want to.

This is what I want for students, for my kids and for all kids.  Time and space to uncover the curriculum and explore their passions.

Leave me a comment, what are you passionate about?  What brings you joy?  What spaces have you created in your classroom or schools to share that joy with others?