counting on fall: math stories

Posted on: October 24th, 2013 by jnovakowski 1 Comment

This week I visited Ms Teramura’s and Ms McKenzie’s Kindergarten classes at Errington Elementary.

We read the first few pages of Counting on Fall by Lizann Flatt and then I role played a math story using a bear and an eagle puppet along with some acorns the bear had gathered for a snack.

The students were then asked to tell their own math stories, using materials set up on tables around the classroom.



Although many of the students did not specifically tell math-related stories, they enjoyed creating stories with the materials, and the adults in the rooms had the opportunity to ask students to count the different materials they were working with to assess one-to-one correspondence and general number sense. The two videos below were created using the Vine app:

note: click off the red X by the speaker icon in the top left hand corner of each video in order to hear the audio

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  1. Thanks for coming in and modeling Math Stories for us, Janice! My Kinders really enjoyed themselves and I’m inspired! My Math Stories Centre is ready to go and now I’m going to gather similar materials to create a Storytelling Centre as one of my Literacy Centres.