looking closely: what do we notice and wonder in the woods

Posted on: January 8th, 2014 by jnovakowski

The three grades 2 and 3 classes at McNeely have been learning all about plants. Near the end of November two of the classes took the school’s iPads on a little field trip to the wooded area near the school and the afternoon class had treasures from the wooded area into their class for the afternoon (it started raining at lunch and rain and iPads do not mix!). The students were asked to look closely at the plants and their different parts, noticing colour, shape, size, textures and details.  What students observed then inspired many questions.

The students took photos of plants or parts of plants, using the iPad. Many students took pictures of both moss and mushrooms although they were not sure they were plants (but were more sure about the moss because it was green!). Great openings for future inquiries!
Two apps were introduced to the students. 
They used Skitch to create labeled diagrams with the photos they took.

The students also used the ShowMe screencasting app to record what they noticed and wondered about their plants.

 It was a great day working with natural materials and technology side by side.

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