little bits pilot inquiry project: day three

Posted on: January 9th, 2014 by jnovakowski

Rick showed his class the blog posts about their littlebits project this morning and the students enjoyed watching the animoto video, looking for their hands or backs of their heads! Diefenbaker’s Principal posted a link to the blog posts on the school’s website so parents can see what’s going on during this project.

Today, many students brought materials from home for their projects including lego, craft materials, a stuffed animal and a pair of sunglasses. Some students already had definite ideas about the type of project they wanted to create. We asked the students to take part in a design challenge…where they had to design their own project, list the materials and instructions (including pictures and words) and include a picture of the final project. The idea is that other students should be able to follow the instructions to replicate the project.

Some of the projects included a birthday candle that lit up

neon glasses

 some sticks of dynamite

a disco telescope

and a watch.

Today, there was a lot of planning, testing and improvising and adapting -all part of the process. Although some students completed a project today, we will be continuing with more project work tomorrow and an opportunity for students to work with bits they haven’t worked with yet.

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