little bits pilot inquiry project: day five

Posted on: January 11th, 2014 by jnovakowski 2 Comments

For the final day working with littlebits, the students refined one of their projects and documented their design and project using the district iPads. The students were asked to record the materials for their project and how the steps in putting the project together. The students set up “photo shoots” and used the iPad to take photos. They were reminded to show enough detail so that others could replicate their projects.

The students could choose from a variety of apps to document their littlebits projects. Some students used Skitch to create labeled diagrams.

Some students used Haiku Deck to create a slideshow on the iPad.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad  Others used screencasting apps such as ShowMe to use photos and record their voices.

 And here is the fluttery butterfly in action:

 Rick asked the students to write a short reflection on their week working with littlebits. Overall, the students really enjoyed the experience. One student said it all seemed kind of “bad” at the beginning because he wasn’t sure what the littlebits were able to do but realized their potential as the week went on and mentioned how “fun” school had been. Another student commented how she really liked how the littlebits forced her to think and be creative.

The littlebits will be going to our District Resource Centre now to be processed as a district kit so that teachers around our district can request it and use it in their classrooms. We have been using two Deluxe Kits this week and I will be recommending investing in more power bit packs (power bit, battery and cable) and a few individual bits from other kits (like the fan and pressure sensor and long wired LED lights) to extend the possibilities of the Deluxe Kits.

I loved watching the students’ confidence with the bits grow as the week went on and seeing their imaginations open up to the creative possibilities with the littlebits. So much creative and innovative use of technology!

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  1. Great post Janice. Can you provide more info on little tidbits? I’m not familiar with them…

  2. Janice says:

    Hi Neil…the website is http://littlebits.ccLittlebits are electronic components that magnetically link together to create circuits that are 9V battery powered. The “bits” allow students to create things that do things…lots of creativity and innovation is possible. Students used found and recycled materials to add to the bits for their projects. There is a great TedTalk by the founder and they have won lots of awards for innovation and education. A great STEAM project and part of the new maker movement.Janice