Palmer’s Junior Science Fair

Posted on: January 31st, 2014 by jnovakowski

On Wednesday, I had the honour of attending Palmer Secondary’s Junior Science Fair. About 90 students in grades 8-10 participated in this competitive science fair, with the top projects being chosen to move ahead to the next level of competition, at the provincial level. The students were in their best attire, with prepared scripts ready to read to the judges.

The teachers had invited elementary students to tour the projects earlier in the afternoon and over 200 elementary students visited, many who will be participating in our district’s Science Jam at the end of February. I am sure Palmer’s Science Fair was very inspiring to them!

As a guest, I asked the students to not read their scripts and to just tell me about their projects. As I asked questions, the passion the students had for their projects came through and their depth of knowledge was well beyond their years. 
This pair of grade 8 students tested very substances on controlling the spread of E. coli bacteria.
They found vinegar worked the best.

This pair of grade 10 students investigated an alternative to petroleum-based plastic forks.
They found a substance created using potato starch created the sturdiest fork that also decomposed well.

This pair of students were motivated to find a way to still drink green tea in the evening, with a reduced effect from caffeine. Using the residue from brewing tea made with hot and cold water, they found that green tea made with cold water had significantly less caffeine than green tea made with hot water.
It was a great experience (and a great visit for me to my old Junior High School) to see so many inspiring scientists!

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