introducing playful storytelling at Ferris

Posted on: November 21st, 2014 by jnovakowski

The three kindergarten classes (one is a K&1 class) and their teachers are participating in our Quality Teaching and Learning (QTL project this year. We are looking at how playful storytelling experience support oral language development and understanding of story. Using natural materials and animals and stories from local, place-based contexts we are exploring how the First Peoples Principles of Learning can inspire our teaching practices.

For this project the principles we are focusing on are connection to place, the power of story and awareness of self-identity. The big idea is that we all have stories to tell.

The students were introduced to the materials in the “starter kit” that will stay at the school. We passed around the animals and read a simple story, Good Morning World.


The students were then able to create a place/setting for their story and choose some animals to help tell their stories.

IMG_6459 IMG_6458 IMG_6457




IMG_6453 IMG_6452


IMG_6450 IMG_6449

The following is the documentation panel that was created with student comments and reflections from the three classes responding to the question What is a story?

What is a story_ doc panel





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