elementary math focus day: December 1

Posted on: December 8th, 2014 by jnovakowski

On Monday, December 1, most of our elementary schools in Richmond had a common professional development day and over 200 educators came together at Byng Elementary to participate in an Elementary Math Focus Day. It was inspiring to look out across the gym to see so many educators in one room that were thinking and learning about math for the day. Huge thanks to Courtney Bebluk and the Byng staff for hosting us and to all the presenters for sharing their enthusiasm and time.

After an overview of the redesigned curriculum in mathematics, what we want for our students and an overview of the day, teachers were able to choose four break-out, small group sessions for the rest of the day. We had teachers from Richmond, including our math mentor teachers, sharing instructional ideas that focus on developing mathematical understanding during sessions such as mathematical inquiry using iPads, using random groups and vertical surfaces for problem solving, developing mathematical vocabulary in French Immersion classrooms, approaches to problem-solving in primary classes, planning for combined classes, uses technology to support formative assessment, rich materials in Kindergarten classrooms, differentiation, number talks and teaching mathematics considering the First Peoples Principles of Learning.

We also had some guest teachers from Langley and Surrey sharing their expertise and passion for mathematics with us. Sessions included using Cuisenaire rods and picture books in the primary classroom, orchestrating mathematical discussions, big ideas in patterning, daily math investigations for intermediate students and guided math.

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Everyone came together for lunch catered by The Healthy Chef and visited vendors Collins Education and Vancouver Kidsbooks. The twitter feed (#sd38math) was active throughout the day with teachers reflecting on their thinking and learning.

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Links shared via twitter and during sessions throughout the day:

BC’s redesigned curriculum website

Jo Boaler’s seven positive norms for the math classroom

How Old is the Shepherd? video from morning opening

Financial Literacy project in BC

BCAMT Vector – Elementary Special Issue

First Peoples Principles Classroom Resources from FNESC

What is a Number Talk? (chapter 1 of book from Math Solutions)

Examples of Number Talks in SD38

SD38 inquiry into place-based mathematicsĀ 

Chris Loat’s technology integration website

Chris Hunter’s blog

Marc Garneau’s blog

Fred Harwood’s presentations

Reggio-Inspired Mathematics Inquiry Project in Richmond

Reggio-Inspired Mathematics Kits in Richmond

Sandra Ball’s Cuisenaire Rods Quest

Read a Story, Explore the Math with Sandra Ball

What is Guided Math? with Deanna Lightbody

Creative Apps for Mathematical Inquiry with Jen Barker

At the end of the day, there was such a positive vibe in the building and I really think we took a giant step forward as a district in terms of elementary mathematics.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this joyful, mathy day happen – it truly does take a village.


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