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updated curriculum frameworks – August 2015

Posted on: August 16th, 2015 by jnovakowski

New revisions to the BC mathematics and science curriculum frameworks for K-9 were posted online mid-August.

You can find them HERE. Significant revisions to note:

1) For mathematics, the curricular competencies are the same K-5 and then a slightly different version for 6-9.

2) For mathematics, the BIG IDEAS for K-5 are now in two parts. The first part is the same across the grades and the second part (after the colon) is specific to the grade level.

3) For mathematics, the content part of the learning standards has been given a bit more detail but the elaborations are still to come (they will appear when you hover over the content).

4) For science, there are some revisions to content and the elaborations (hover over) have been extended.

5) For science, the big ideas include inquiry questions to lead to investigation of the big ideas. Hover over the big ideas to see these.

6) For science, the curricular competencies have a detailed explanation of the concept of place – hover over the word place at the bottom of this section for this to pop up. At some of the grade levels, there are other terms in the curricular competencies that are similarly explained.

There are other revised and new documents posted on the site as well.

Also, pdf versions can be found BC math learning_standards August 2015 and BC Science_learning_standards August 2015.