grade 2 science: water

Posted on: December 13th, 2015 by jnovakowski

Based on feedback from teachers last spring, we have planned a series of after school sessions supporting new content in the K-7 science curriculum. Each session will look at the learning standards around a specific grade and content area and teachers will experience both the curricular content and competencies through an inquiry-based approach. Connections to the core competencies and First Peoples Principles of Learning will be also be woven throughout the sessions.

Our second session (which we held two of due to high demand) looked at the grade 2 earth and space science content of water. Each teacher received a lovely picture book called Water is Water, which along with a narrative that takes the reader through the water cycle, provides factual information of water in our world. The content within the curriculum focuses on sources of water and the the water cycle. For our session, we focused on the question, What is the story of water?




Several books were shared that would complement this area of study.


As  group, we began compiling ideas and building off of each other’s ideas to think about this study might unfold in our classrooms. We made connections to the Fraser River, weather in our region, BC Hydro and other local resources.   A Richnet contact list was created so that we could share resources and ideas.



We discussed different ways that students might provide evidence of their learning  – taking photographs outside or during indoor simulations or experiments, constructing models, etc, and I am looking  forward to tweeting out what some of our students share with us!

Grade 2 Water – curriculum information

Grade 2 Water Resources – links and book list

Water is a Treasure – Canadian Government resource


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