Big Math Ideas in Grades 3-5: professional learning series 2020

Posted on: June 16th, 2020 by jnovakowski

This year’s Big Math Ideas for Grades 3-5 series used Tracy Zager’s book, Being The Math Teacher you Wished You’d Had, as our core resource. Teachers read chapters between our sessions and we shared our highlights at the beginning of each session along with exploring some of the resources, websites and math tasks from the book.

The publisher’s companion website for the book, with supporting materials, can be found HERE.

In our first session, we explored the idea of what mathematicians do and shared some of the picture books that Tracy highlights in her book along with some others from my collection. We watched a video “How to Snakes” by mathematician/artist Vi Hart, in which she exemplifies the playful, curious nature of doing mathematics. You can find the video HERE.

Other areas of focus during the series included computational fluency and using math games for purposeful practice.

In our second session, we looked at the big idea of spatial relationships.

And introduced the instructional routine of Same but Different.

In our third session together, we looked at the big ideas of number, specifically around fractions and also the big ideas around data analysis.


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