Math for Action

Posted on: June 20th, 2020 by jnovakowski

Just before spring break, I was fortunate to collaborate with secondary colleagues from our department, Shaheen Musani and Baren Tsui on a professional learning series for secondary school teams. The series is called Math for Action and looks at the intersection of mathematics and social issues with a focus on student agency. A goal of the series is to elevate the importance of numeracy across curricular areas.

A variety of resources were shared. A book list that supports this series can be downloaded here:

We looked at this Social Justice Lens, as created by the BCTF’s Social Justice committee.

A close up of a sign

Description generated with very high confidence

It felt like we just got started with this thinking together and then in-school instruction was suspended. We look forward to continuing this series in some format when we return to school in the fall.


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