BC 2020 Continuity of Learning

Posted on: March 26th, 2020 by jnovakowski

Hi there!

On this page I will be sharing a variety of resources to support the continuity of learning in mathematics and the development of numeracy based on the BC curriculum. Most of the resources shared are what I have curated and created for my role in the Richmond School District. I have permission to make them public here to support other educators in the province and beyond, as we navigate this new way of teaching and learning together.

During these extraordinary times, the focus is a chance to review, refresh and enhance students’ learning around foundational math concepts and engage in curricular competencies such as problem solving, reasoning, communicating and making connections. At home learning experiences will be shared, along with other projects that are more interdisciplinary in nature and enhance students’ development of numeracy.

Every district or organization will have its own guidelines and frameworks. Richmond teachers – please consult with your school-based adminstrator or access the district guidelines on the portal.

The following resources are meant to be used as a “menu” of sorts, for teachers to choose from to respond to their students’ and families’ needs. Some students and families may want a daily math task while others will be happy to have a few things suggested for them to choose from for the week. Some could be used to do together if you do an online class meeting or other type of online interaction – math routines work particularly well for this. For those of you doing eporfolios, you could ask students to submit one task a week, sharing their mathematical thinking. Math interviews can be done on the phone – here’s a question, how could you figure it out? Lots of different options to share and communicate with families.

This page will be updated regularly, responding to educators’ requests and needs and changing guidelines and frameworks.

Take care, we will figure this out together, Janice


updated to align with the final version of Core Competencies (2019)



As we move to partial in-school instruction in BC on June 1, many teachers are planning on spending time outdoors with their students. Resources to support both in-school and at-home learning will be shared here:

Weekly Math Plans – weekly math tasks for each of the following grade bands: K-2, grades 3-5, grades 6&7. These will include five tasks for each week connected to one foundational math concept and big idea with connections to BC curricular content and competencies. They are intended to be shared with families as one choice for their week’s learning opportunities in mathematics.

grades K-2 (the number at the end of each file indicates the week number)

grades 2&3 (the number at the end of each file indicates the week number)

grades 3-5 (the number at the end of each file indicates the week number)

grades 6&7 (the number at the end of each file indicates the week number)

grades 8&9 (developed by SD38 secondary colleague Shaheen Musani)

Physical Distancing Images

The following is a collection of physical distancing images, from across North America, but mostly from British Columbia. They all use some sort of referent for 2 metres to help others visually understand the concept of physical distancing.

Instructional Routines – information about instructional routines such as fraction tasks, number talk images, etc. Links to websites where teachers can download images and tasks to share with students are provided.

Math Games – math games that focus on foundational concepts and computational fluency that can be used across the grades and require very few materials

How to Play Sum What Dice Game Video

How to Play Salute Video

How to Play Place the Digits Video

Ways to Play Tic-Tac-Toe

How to Play Face-Off

How to Play Lucky 13

(also see separate MATH GAMES tab at the top of the blog page)

Online Resources – documents with vetted online resources to support your instruction including instructional routines and math problems and tasks that you can use to provide parents with daily or weekly tasks; curated resources being made available by publishers and other organizations; curated list of online learning experiences for students

Projects – interdisciplinary projects for families to do at home, connecting mathematics and numeracy to other areas of learning

Primary Projects

Intermediate Projects

K-12 Family Projects

To Share with Families – documents and resources created specifically to share with with families, most with an elementary focus; lists of suggested games and online learning opportunities as well as ways to engage in mathematical thinking at home in the kitchen, through sports, connections to art, etc.

Math Games for Learning – compiled by Ruth Parker

Grades 8&9 Math Video Series for Parents, produced by the Surrey School District

PRIMARY PLANNING GUIDE (in collaboration with Jess Eguia)

INTERMEDIATE PLANNING GUIDE (in collaboration with Jess Eguia)


May 15 2020 District Pro-D Day Presentations:

Please let me know what might support you with planning for and providing a continuity of learning experiences for your students, Janice