Fall 2020-Winter 2021 Resources

Posted on: September 6th, 2020 by jnovakowski

So this “back to school” will be like no other in my thirty year career. So many new protocols and changes. It is truly the time to embrace living in the “grey”.

Some ideas I have been considering: How will we welcome students to mathematics this September? How we will build a sense of belonging and community? How we will find out where students are in their mathematics learning and thinking? How will we collaborate and support each other during this time?

My roles and responsibilities are still in flux as to how they will unfold this year in my district, but I am working on the following resources for this fall, to be posted here and on our district portal by mid-September.

An updated K-7 essential learning standards document to frame our planning, instruction and assessment for this school year and of particular importance for those responsible for transitional learning options (students learning from home with the intent of moving back into a school-based placement later this term).

A package focusing on the use of math materials, “separately yet together” during this time includes suggested math materials for individual math kits (so they don’t need to be disinfected) for K&1, grades 2&3, grades 4&5, grades 6&7 and grades 8&9. Many of the suggested materials and tools are intended to be made with students. This package also includes ideas for using materials safely with small groups and suggestions for the use of virtual manipulatives.

  1. A document with suggestions of how to build mathematical discourse and community while being separate yet together. Instructional routines, tasks and games will be included. (coming soon)
  2. A package of outdoor learning resources as we spend parts of our day outside where transmission of Covid is less likely and there are more opportunities for physical distancing. (coming soon)

Many resources for Fall 2020 are also now available through the BC Numeracy Network. Check out the website HERE.

As of September 14, I have been re-assigned to supporting the district transitional learning program. I am creating weekly math plans and live webinars for the 4000 K-7 students in our district who have chosen to continue their learning from home this fall, with district and school-level support from teachers. A part of the weekly plans, I am creating an interdisciplinary project each week with versions for primary and intermediate. With permission from my district, I am able to share them publicly here so that teachers across the province can share them with families that might also be doing learning from home, but also for teachers to use in their classes with their students. The projects integrate mathematics and science each week but may also include connections to English Language Arts and the Arts. They are posted below. These projects are being discontinued as of Feb 1 2021.

NEW A collection of interactive K-7 math mini-lessons for small groups of students through video conferencing such as Zoom.

Take care, Janice


These projects are being discontinued as of Feb 1 2021.


These projects are being discontinued as of Feb 1 2021.