K-7 Assessment in Mathematics

Posted on: March 10th, 2021 by jnovakowski

During Transitional Learning in spring 2021, the following document was created to support teachers, students and families in their assessment of student learning focused on essential learning standards based in number concepts, number operations, computational fluency and curricular competencies related to these areas. These open-ended questions provide students to show and share what they know – solutions, strategies, processes, representation and communication.

The following support document focuses on Indicators of Proficiency for all content learning standards in K-7 Mathematics in BC. Curricular competencies are embedded in the Indicators of Proficiency. This document is intended to support teachers in knowing what to look for and to make decisions for both instruction and evaluation based on what they observe and hear during classroom discussions and mathematical tasks.

The following district Numeracy Assessment tools were developed in collaboration with Learning Services staff and classroom-based teachers and school-based resource teachers. The K-2 Numeracy Assessment tool has been approved for use in district since 2019. The Grades 3-5 Numeracy Assessment tool is in draft form and teachers are invited to use it during the 2022-2023 school year.