Posted on: May 4th, 2020 by jnovakowski

I am creating this new page for just math games as the list on the Continuity of Learning page was getting so long!

There are three videos that are not games but provide instructions for children to make their own dice, make alternatives to dice and to make their own deck of cards.

For each game there is a resource document with an explanation, instructions and BC curriculum connections for the game. There is also an embedded video as well as a Quietube video link provided. The Quietube link just plays the video – no ads or other videos pop up, making it ideal to share with students.

All the math game and making videos can also be found on this youtube channel:

SD38 Janice Novakowski


Make Your Own Dice

Quietube Video – Make Your Own Dice

Other Ways to Make Dice

Quietube Video – Other Ways to Make Dice

Make Your Own Deck of Cards

Quietube Video – Make Decks of Cards



Quietube Video – Face-Off

Circles and Stars

QuietTube Video – Circles and Stars

Lucky 13

Quietube Video – Lucky 13

Pyramid Solitaire

Quietube Video – Pyramid Solitaire

Sweet Sixteen

Quietube Video – Sweet Sixteen


Quietube Video – Garbage

Game of Nine Cards

Quietube Video of Game of Nine Cards