Posted on: November 26th, 2021 by jnovakowski

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The following are a collection of resources that connect the process of design and making with mathematics. For BC educators, there are many connections to our ADST curriculum. The process of creating these materials often involve measuring, estimating and visualizing as well as application of specific mathematics concepts. The resulting products/materials can then be used for various mathematical investigations.


Math & Making Professional Learning Session – May 3 2023


An instructional video can be found HERE.

Cardboard Truchet Tiles

Link to video instructions HERE.

Circle Weaving

Link to video instructions HERE.

Folded Isometric Paper Star

Link to video instructions HERE.

Story Mats

Instructions for making a wet-felted story mat:

Some slides showing the wet felting process and ways to use story mats as part of math storytelling experiences:

***please note that all materials used (roving and compressed felt base) need to be 100% wool for the wet felting process to work

Geometry Tiles

Link to blog post with instructions HERE.