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Along with facilitating professional learning in the Richmond School District, I am sometimes seconded/released by other districts to present at their professional learning events. I also present at provincial, national and international conferences. I am curating some of these presentations here to share with others.

Many of my presentations involve multiple photographs and videos which make the file sizes very large and difficult to share. When indicated “text slides” or “REDUCED”  I have taken out many of the photographs and just included the text or diagrams. Just be mindful that an important part of the story is missing without the images and the conversation that goes with them.

A selection of presentations are shared here:


February 2019

Bayview – Vancouver School District, February 4 2019



SD38 6-9 Math Connections between Core and Curricular Competencies


SD41 (Burnaby) District Day, February 22 2019




May 2019

Canadian Assessment for Learning Network Annual Conference, May 3 2019




March 2018

Circles of Caring Conference March 3 2018



May 2018

K-12 Aboriginal Mathematics Symposium, UBC, May 17 2018



July 2018

UBC EDUCATION 440 – Aboriginal Education in Canada – Secondary (presented to three sections)



UBC EDUCATION 490 – Exploring BC’s Redesigned Curriculum (primary and intermediate sections)


SD38 K-5 Math Connections between Core and Curricular Competencies

SD38 6-9 Math Connections between Core and Curricular Competencies

SD38 K-5 Math Communication


November 2018

SD46 (Sunshine Coast) – Literacy and Numeracy and Assessmentin grades 7-12


(please note that the BC Ministry of Education updated some of the information about the Graduation Numeracy Assessment in December 2018)


December 2018

SD62 (Sooke) Curriculum Implementation Day – December 3 2018



SD38 K-5 Math Connections between Core and Curricular Competencies

SD38 6-9 Math Connections between Core and Curricular Competencies

JN_SD62_FPPLandMathematics_2018_reduced slides



January 2017

Steves Elementary Professional Development Day, January 20 2017

Steves_BC Math Curiculum_Jan 20 2017_REDUCED


February 2017

SD61 (Greater Victoria) CI Day February 10 2017:

SD61 Primary Teachers Inquiry Keynote REDUCED Feb 10 2017

SD61 Story FPPL REDUCED Feb 10 2017



Circles of Caring (ECE) Conference February 18 2017:

Circles of Caring Pedagogical Documentation Feb 2017_textslides


SD38 (Richmond) District Conference February 24 2017

SD38 WODB_Feature15_Feb 24 2017

SD38 Math Curricular Competencies Feb 24 2017_REDUCED


April 2017

SD43 (Coquitlam) District Pro-D Day April 21 2017

Playful Mathematical Inquiry Coquitlam April 2017_REDUCED


ETFO (Ontario) Kindergarten Conference Keynote, Niagara Falls April 28 2017


May 2017

SD5 (Cranbrook) District Professional Day, May 5 2017

Cranbrook Inquiry ProD May 2017

Cranbrook Primary Inquiry May 2017_textslides


SD62 (Sooke) District Professional Day, May 12 2017

Playful Mathematical Inquiry Sooke 2017

SD 62 Sooke Reggio-Inspired Math Part 1 May 2017_textslides


SD73 (Kamloops) District Professional Day, May 15 2017

Kamloops Place-Based Mathematics May 2017

Playful Mathematical Inquiry Kamloops 2017


McNeely Elementary Professional Development Day, May 19 2017

Core-Competencies-McNeely May 2017_REDUCED


June 2017

Cognitively Guided Instructional Biennial Conference – June 26-28 2017 at the University of Washington, Seattle



October 2017

Northwest Mathematics Conference, Portland, Oregon, October 



SD38 (Richmond) Intermediate Mentoring Afterschool Session



BC PSA SUPERCONFERENCE – October 20-21 2017, Vancouver BC

Playful Mathematical Inquiry: Loose Parts, Provocations and Projects




Investigating Living Things in the Local Environment: Enacting the Science Curriculum with Primary Students

PSA_JN_K-3_Life Sciences_Oct2017_reducedslides





November 2017

NCTM Regional Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, November 20 2017


Link to presentation on Google slides: