SD38 Mathematics Instructional Routines Posters

Posted on: January 29th, 2019 by jnovakowski 1 Comment

The following are links to pdf versions of our instructional routines posters. Instructional routines in mathematics have been used extensively in our district for the last five years as a way to encourage mathematical thinking and discourse. Many of the routines highlight specific curricular competencies in mathematics such as reasoning and communication and many can be used across different areas of mathematical content. They can be used a short whole class routine to build mathematical community and can also be used in small groups or during math workshop. The photographs in the posters have all been taken in Richmond School District classrooms. The routines have been developed by mathematics education colleagues across the world, through generous generous sharing of ideas on Twitter, through what is knows as #MTBoS (the Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere).


The posters are formatted to print on 11X17 inch paper but I printed them into 24×36 inch posters and the resolution was still good.

WODB poster (Which One Doesn’t Belong?)

splat poster

NTI poster (Number Talk Images)

How Many poster

estimation 180 poster

counting collections poster

clothesline poster

notice wonder poster


With thanks to Carrie Bourne for translating the posters into French:

NTI poster french

How Many poster french

estimation 180 poster french

counting collections poster french

splat poster french

WODB poster french

clothesline poster french

notice wonder poster french


New posters will be added as they are developed and created!