World Tessellation Day

Posted on: June 6th, 2020 by jnovakowski

World Tessellation Day is celebrated on June 17 in honour of M.C. Escher’s birthday. The day was created by Emily Grosvenor, author of Tessalation! Her blog post on 23 ways to celebrate World Tessellation Day can be found HERE.

The following are some resources to support learning about tessellations for a range of students’ ages and contexts:

Richmond SD38 blog posts about tessellations:

Tessellating Tiles Indoors and Outdoors – June 2020

World Tessellation Day 2019

Tessellating inspired by Tessalation!

the picture book Tessalation!:

The book website includes more information about the book, colouring pages, examples of tessellations in nature and created by humans and links to other sites in support of World Tessellation Day.

The website includes a page with simple instructions to make your own tessellation HERE.

Youtube video preview of book

Islamic Geometry resources:

Samira Mian tutorials

Annie Perkin’s #MathArtChallenge page on Islamic Geometry 10-point star

online teacher resources:

John Golden’s blog page with tessellation resoruces

Annie Perkin’s #MathArtChallenge page on tessellations

Scientific American blog post on looking down to see tessellations

Curation of ideas on Pinterest page

online tessellation resources:

NCTM Tessellation Creator

Girih Polygon Pattern Design App

Tess Tessellation Creation Software

Math Learning Centre Pattern Shapes web app

Where can you find tessellations in the world around you?

photos submitted by SD38 staff, students and families: