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Exploring Puddles

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On our nature walk this morning, we discovered many puddles on the pathway.  Children noticed that the rain was making “splashing rings” or drops into the puddles.  We stood back to observe the raindrops on the puddles.  Then slowly walked towards the puddles.  Some students noticed that it was harder to see the raindrops when they were standing right above the puddle.  This led to a discussion about the angle of our eyesight and optical illusions.  Minnie said that “when I look from far away my eyesight is like a small angle and the splashes look bigger.  When I stand right above, the dots become smaller.”

Community Pond

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We went for a nature walk over to Thompson Community Centre…

Community Pond

Our main purpose was to learn about safety when walking to the pond.  It looks like…. “holding hands with our buddy partner” along the path to the community centre. When we arrived to the ponds, we sat around the perimeter and observed the water and plant life.  Some students noticed that there was “white fluff” on the water.  Maybe it was from a dandelion?  Some students thought they saw some little bugs crawling on the rocks.  Maybe they were spiders?

Question of the day:  I wonder what the pond will look like next time we come here?  Will the water be frozen?