Dinosaur Garden Adventures

Posted on: June 16th, 2015 by lmaclean No Comments


Roar!! The dinosaurs have come back to life at Blair Elementary!  After weeks of planting and caring for our new garden plot the students are finally able to use the leafy greens of the radish plants to use as part of their Story Workshop.  This is the students ‘Story Plan’…..

Character: “A shy T-Rex”

Setting: “Our garden…. But it’s actually from old, old, old days when dinosaurs were really still here.”

Problem: “The T-Rex is mean to his friend.  The next problem is he gets lost.”

Solution: “He keeps walking through the forest but then he remembers that his teacher told him that if he is ever lost that he needs to stay in same place and then someone will come find him.”


It has been a wonderful adventure combining our love of Story Workshop with our new garden! I can’t wait to hear the stories that they come up with next week.

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