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Dinosaur Garden Adventures

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Roar!! The dinosaurs have come back to life at Blair Elementary!  After weeks of planting and caring for our new garden plot the students are finally able to use the leafy greens of the radish plants to use as part of their Story Workshop.  This is the students ‘Story Plan’…..

Character: “A shy T-Rex”

Setting: “Our garden…. But it’s actually from old, old, old days when dinosaurs were really still here.”

Problem: “The T-Rex is mean to his friend.  The next problem is he gets lost.”

Solution: “He keeps walking through the forest but then he remembers that his teacher told him that if he is ever lost that he needs to stay in same place and then someone will come find him.”


It has been a wonderful adventure combining our love of Story Workshop with our new garden! I can’t wait to hear the stories that they come up with next week.


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Today we took our weather library books outside with us.  Some students spent their first few minutes lying on the ground and gazing up at the sky looking for shapes.  Others were excited to begin matching the clouds they observed to the clouds in the books.


There was some great discussion between the students when it came to labelling the clouds correctly.  ”It was there, I promise it was there a moment ago.  Where did the cloud go?! I think it moved and changed shapes again.”

The following day, I took some of the Grade One’s aside and we began to review the pictures and quotes that we had collected.  Together, we co-wrote a documentation panel on our observations and questions about clouds.


More Documentation

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sodasnapbark sodasnapmoss sodasnapworm

Documenting with the iPad

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I wanted to make our learning more visible by taking a picture of the students observations and then recording their questions and connections in a documentation panel.  So I downloaded the SodaSnap app on both my iPhone and iPad.  I am now able to quickly take snapshots of student learning while out on our nature walks.  I look forward to sharing more examples of documentation with you as the year progresses.

Tree Branches

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Before heading out for our nature walk this morning, we asked ourselves if we could find anything that looks a bit different than yesterday.  We walked around the pathway in the opposite direction to help us change our perspective.  ”I can see the trees from different angles now.”

One student identified a tree and asked us to see something “funny” about it.  We studied the tree for awhile and made many guesses about what made this tree so special.  Can you see it?


“The tree has lost two branches.  Someone cut them cause they need to make a boat.”  How creative!


Rainy Day

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What a rainy day!!  Get your rain boots on, zip up your jackets and slip on your mittens!

What should we look for today?  Will we see signs of winter?  Where do the biggest puddles form?  We headed off for our daily nature walk and listened to the rain hitting on the pathway.  ”The rain jumps off the ground after it falls.”  What a great description!    As we walked, the students commented on the noise that the mud made beneath their feet – squish, squish, squish!  ”It’s like music class!”

If you had your rain boots on, let’s go trudge through the puddles!

Looking Closely

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Looking Closely



What do scientists do?  They observe closely.  They ask questions.  They use their 5 senses to make meaning of what they see.

On our nature walk today, a student found a small leaf with something “squishy” stuck on it.  A conversation broke out between many of his classmates as they tried to figure out what it was.  A worm?  A ladybug?  Was it still alive?  The students couldn’t see any feet so they determined that it was an animal that would either roll on the ground or maybe it would develop wings when it became an “adult”.


Exploring Puddles

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On our nature walk this morning, we discovered many puddles on the pathway.  Children noticed that the rain was making “splashing rings” or drops into the puddles.  We stood back to observe the raindrops on the puddles.  Then slowly walked towards the puddles.  Some students noticed that it was harder to see the raindrops when they were standing right above the puddle.  This led to a discussion about the angle of our eyesight and optical illusions.  Minnie said that “when I look from far away my eyesight is like a small angle and the splashes look bigger.  When I stand right above, the dots become smaller.”

Community Pond

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We went for a nature walk over to Thompson Community Centre…

Community Pond

Our main purpose was to learn about safety when walking to the pond.  It looks like…. “holding hands with our buddy partner” along the path to the community centre. When we arrived to the ponds, we sat around the perimeter and observed the water and plant life.  Some students noticed that there was “white fluff” on the water.  Maybe it was from a dandelion?  Some students thought they saw some little bugs crawling on the rocks.  Maybe they were spiders?

Question of the day:  I wonder what the pond will look like next time we come here?  Will the water be frozen?